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8 Healthy Holiday Volunteer Ideas for Giving Back

Welcome to December, which means tis’ the season to give. Sure, you can make a digital donation online or buy a bunch of gifts at your local mall to drop off at your local hospital or homeless shelter—but isn’t it more rewarding for you and those you’re helping to get hands-on with your volunteer and charity work?

Here are eight amazing, creative, and healthy ways that you can give back to your favorite charity, local food bank, or support organizations this holiday season…


1. Support Senior’s Needs

As we age, simple tasks, ones we took for granted in our younger years, can suddenly become difficult or altogether impossible. So a senior some love this holiday season by letting them know they are not forgotten.

Become an elder helper when you offer up a list of everyday tasks that you can help a homebound senior with. Bring the whole dang family along to aid with raking leaves, shoveling snow and clearing walkways, offering rides, grocery shopping, or even lending a hand with holiday baking and meal preparation.

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