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Key Signs and Symptoms of a Hernia

2. Pain

Hernia pain can range from slightly uncomfortable to severely painful—particularly the longer you leave it untreated. Most times a new hernia will be painless. According to patient reports, hernia pain has diverse ranges. It can be no pain at all, just a visual protrusion (or bulging sac) in the area of the groin or navel, or a pressure-filled or heavy sensation in the abdomen. This pressure can be exacerbated when the patient bends over to pick up an object or from sheer pressure due to bending at the waist.

There could be pain or aching that gradually worsens with exerting movement, such as lifting, bending over to retrieve objects, carrying heavy objects, or sitting for long periods of time (i.e., at a desk or in a vehicle) can become excruciating. However, if the pain is severe, the hernia may be strangulated (which means that the blood supply is cut off). You can’t ignore a strangulated hernia as the pain will be so excruciating and you will require immediate medical attention.

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