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Proper Etiquette For the Contagious Cold

You have a nasty, snotty, energy-sucking cold. However, you had a meeting you just couldn’t miss so you’ve dragged your sorry butt into work—with cough drops and two boxes of tissues in tow—of course.

Your colleagues are feigning admiration, but they’re keeping a safe distance from you and anything you touch. They’re probably wishing you hadn’t brought your germs to the workplace at all. Now you’ve potentially infected the whole office

Sound familiar? Many of us struggle with when it’s appropriate to go to work or into public with a cold. So we’re clearing the germs, with some social etiquette just in time for influenza season…

1. Stay Home For the First 3 Days After Infection

The first 3 days after you catch a cold are the most contagious, which means other people (your coworkers, family, classmates, and friends) have the greatest chances of catching your cold during this time frame). Do everyone a favor and stay at home. You can venture out after 3 days at home. Sure, you’ll still be showing the classic symptoms of a cold (i.e., coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose), but you’ll be less prone to pass it on to some innocent victim.

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