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6 Shocking Stats on Diabetes Prevalence Around the World

Diabetes. It’s a word everyone has heard, whether they have it or someone they know has it. It is the inability to properly process blood sugars with a hormone from the pancreas; it commonly comes on in adulthood (known as Type 2) but some are born with the inability to regulate glucose levels (Type 1).

World Health Day is shining a light on diabetes this year by helping to raise awareness about how prevalent the disease has become. Not only is type II diabetes common in the U.S. (about 30 million people have a form of it, which is approximately 10-percent of the population), but also it has become an epidemic worldwide. Here are six statistics and facts about diabetes…

1. It’s a Growing Worldwide Problem

Many people regard type II diabetes as a western world problem due to fast-food diets and little exercise. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) points out that 422-million people worldwide have diabetes—so it’s definitely a global issue.

WHO also explains that many of the new cases are in low- to middle-income countries, and although there’s no crystal clear explanation offered as to why, the spike in diabetic patients is “mirroring an increase in the prevalence of obesity and overweight people.”

Diabetes 2

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