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6 Bonus Benefits of Breastfeeding

6. Reduced Financial Burden

While formula feeding also provides essential vitamins and nutrients to your baby, it can be expensive. In fact, when your baby is just a few weeks old he or she can consume close to 1.5 U.S. gallons of formula in just one week, which can cost you thousands of dollars per year if the formula is prepared in advance (powdered formula is usually cheaper).

The cost savings could go beyond your household – according to a 2010 article in Scientific American, the country could save $13-billion a year (based on previous data) on medical costs if 90-percent of women breastfed for the recommended first six months. According to the article, only 42-percent of women were still breastfeeding at 6-months. The financial data does not include savings related to the potential health benefits of mothers from breastfeeding.


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