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6 Bonus Benefits of Breastfeeding

4. Lower Chance of Postpartum Depression

While breastfeeding has proven physical benefits for you and your baby, it can also stave off postpartum depression, which affects about 13-percent of women within 14-weeks of giving birth. According to a 2014 study by researchers in the U.K. and Spain that appeared in the Maternal and Child Health journal, the chances of suffering from postpartum depression are about 50-percent lower in women who breastfeed.

The research focused on about 14,000 new mothers in Bristol, England, and measured mental health at specific intervals. The study found that the highest risk of postpartum depression is from mothers that planned to breastfeed during pregnancy, but for whatever reason did not follow through. The research showed a higher chance of postpartum symptoms at 8-weeks, with the risk dropping off significantly at 8-months.


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