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10 Effective Ways to Prevent an Easter Sugar Binge

What parent doesn’t dread the sugar-infused mayhem that follows an Easter egg hunt?  Well never fear the bunny and his basket of goodies; we’ve got ten tried and true ways to prevent those candy-filled temper tantrums and the irritable blood sugar crashes that inevitably put an end to an otherwise enjoyable family holiday.

Here are 10 effective ways to prevent a sugar binge on Easter…

1. Ban Candy with Added Dyes and Color

Its often not the sugar that causes behavioral issues in kids, like temper tantrums, it’s the food dyes and added food coloring that kids have an extreme reaction to. So try having a limited supply of healthier treats on hand—like homemade rice crispy squares, homemade fudge, and organic and dark chocolate—instead of the processed junk.

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