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8 Common Ways Infections Spread

Germs—be they viral infections, bacterial microbes, or super bugs waiting to take you out for an entire week—are invisible and brutal in their penetration of our lives.

However, in a world rife with germs just waiting to attack, many of us pass them back and forth unbeknownst via very common daily habits, like these…

1. Airplane Travel

Travelers beware, one of the biggest threats of airport travel are the germs onboard.  There’s a reason why many eager travelers find themselves returning home with influenza, stomach flu, diarrhea, and intestinal ailments shortly following a vacation. Norovirus is one contagious, bacterial disease that lurks on planes and moves freely between flight attendants, food trays, beverage cups, restrooms, stow away compartments, and passengers. To avoid infection, avoid hand to hand contact, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently onboard, and also use a straw to drink your beverages.

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