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Kid’s Play that Doubles as Adult Exercise

Watching kids constantly moving, running around from game to game, can be a little tiring. How do they have so much energy and have so much fun being out of breath? One of the reasons is because of how fun their activities are. They don’t mind being out of breath and working their muscles and lungs hard when they’re playing because it’s fun! As an adult, you may be stuck in an exercise rut because you’re bored with your current routine, don’t have the motivation to exercise, or you’re too tired to bother. But exercising regularly is vital to overall health and preventing serious diseases as you age.

Luckily, there’s a solution—add some of these kids activities that double as adult exercise to your workout routine, or simply join in with your kids when they play.

1. Hula Hoop

Oh, the hula hoop. You probably have fond memories of hula hooping for what seems like hours, seeing who could go for the longest. The hula hoop is one of the cheapest toys for your kids that can double as adult exercise. Don’t be surprised if you completely and utterly fail the first time you try it—you may remember it being easy and it may look easy, but it’s quite the challenge to pick it back up.

Stick to it though because hula hooping can provide a great cardiovascular workout and engage your core muscles. This exercise focuses on the deep core muscles (the abdominals and lower back), which means it will help trim fat off your waist and keep your heart healthy.

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