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Butter vs. Margarine: Which is Healthier?

Today, I’d like to settle an age-old squabble between butter and margarine when it comes to settling once and for all—which of these spreads on breads is healthier? Let’s take a look at the ingredients, nutritional information, and let the experts clarify what’s exactly under the lid when it comes to these popular spreads…


1. How is Butter Made?

It’s an age-old slippery debate between butter and margarine. For years, butter got the thumbs down from health professionals because of its high saturated fat (that’s the bad kind) content. And why was that?

As a basic rule, foods derived from animal fat sources always contain more saturated fat, which increases LDL (bad) cholesterol. Like it or not, butter lovers are primarily eating animal fat in the form of cow’s milk fat. To make butter, the dairy—usually cow’s milk or cow’s cream—is shaken or churned vigorously until it reaches a semisolid state.

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