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8 Healthy Reasons to Go Nuts for Coconut Oil

News is circulating about the many benefits of coconut oil. This blend of beneficial fatty acids is being touted as the “cure-all” for an array of health woes—from digestive ailments to poor immunity, skin conditions to thyroid disease, and heart disease to high cholesterol.

Chalked full of vitamins (i.e., vitamin E), minerals (i.e., iron), essential lauric and saturated fats, this velvety tropical oil (when consumed in moderation) is becoming a go-to for health nuts and foodies galore.

Here are eight healthy reasons to go nuts for coconut oil…

1. Bake With Healthy Fat

Do you know why many bakers are swapping butter, shortening, vegetable oil, and margarine for coconut oil? Because the main fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, a healthy fatty acid that’s believed to lower high (bad) cholesterol levels. So grease your muffin pans with the naturally sweet taste of coconut oil, and also use it equally in place of shortening or butter for healthier baking.

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