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6 Healthy Reasons to Snack Throughout the Day

When it comes to dieting, snacking is a controversial topic. For years diet experts debated about the advantages and disadvantages of eating between meals. Today, WebMD.com dieticians agree that snacking is good for you—so long as you’re eating healthy food items at the right time of the day.

So, specifically why is snacking good for you? How can it actually make us leaner and healthier compared to avoiding it altogether? Let’s take a look…

1. Snacking Discourages Overeating

Just try going four or five hours without eating anything and sit down for a small lunch or dinner. For most normal, healthy people, that’s a very tough proposition. That’s because not eating for an extended period of time—by which I mean more than three hours or so—can cause our blood sugar levels to plummet, leaving us feeling ravenously hungry.

The result is often overeating at meals. That could mean completely ignoring our diet regimen and consuming foods we wouldn’t otherwise eat, such as fried and high-sugar foods.


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