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7 Natural Ways to Stomach Soothing an Ulcer

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Ulcers are often associated with worrying too much (which is not untrue), but really they’re sores created when your protective stomach lining is compromised and the juices that are responsible for digestion start to eat away at it.

While they can be painful, your doctor will often prescribe medications to reduce acid production and fight off bacteria that can also lead to ulcers. However, here are seven “do-it-yourself” ways to calm your stomach, although you shouldn’t shy away from medical advice…

1. Bananas

There are a lot of reasons to eat bananas, as they are considered nature’s “perfect food”. However, you probably didn’t know they’re also good for soothing stomach ulcers.

According to Top10HomeRemedies.com, you should eat at least 3-ripe bananas per day (or make them into milkshakes). Bananas contain antibacterial compounds that inhibits the growth of bacterium H. pylori associated with ulcers, and it balances out acidity of gastric fluids, adds the source.

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